A downloadable game for Windows

This is a evadegame with a fightingcomponent. You play as lung of light, wich is attacked by shadows. They can´t harm the dragon, but try to destroy it´s egg, so that the light don´t have a chance to spread. How long can you survive?

0.1 This is a really rough first version. Everything is really minimalistic and there is just a survivalmode yet. Even "Lung" is just a working title. I plan a lot more, but for now, I wanted to test if this concept work.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder wherever you want and start the "Lung_0_1.exe".


Lung 0.1.zip 31 MB


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Looks really cool

Can i get your skype??? PLEASE

Thanks^^ But I have no Skype.

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Sorry I'm an asset maker and I wanted to see if you liked them maybe you can use them sorry for bothering you